The last year has been one full of challenges, but also one of growth. I view life sometimes as a wrestling season. I always grew the most when I was getting pushed the hardest in the room and had partners that pushed me to the limits every day I stepped on the mat. It was always fun when I walked into the room and dominated every opponent and there was no one to challenge me, but was I really growing as an athlete during those times? No.

This last year I would say I was personally challenged more than I have ever been. The Lord was by my side and I survived. I did have some great points like finishing Paramedic school, passing my National Registry Exam and my FI process becoming a Paramedic at Banner Health as well as making it through the FRFC and becoming a career firefighter with Mt. View after 5 years. So as far as my career I've been blessed.

My baby girl Sophie is already three years old and growing up so fast. She makes it so fun to come home and see that beautiful little smile. She is such a bright light in my life. She started gymnastics this month, loves her doggies and loves to sing. My boys are both doing well and working in the oil industry, working hard and long hours with few days off but providing for their families. Justin my oldest boy works fourteen hour days and get's one or two days off a month, I don't know how he does it. They developed strong work ethics and I am so proud of them for that. My younger boy Austin has a little girl named Aubrey that just turned one and is expecting his second child at the end of this year. He is a great Dad and has grown up so much.

Daisy has continued to run her Pure Skinn Laser & Lashes business and helps me with Real Estate which is going very well. She stays very busy being a full time Mom and the demands that brings. I'm so glad we are in a position that makes this a possibility for us.

I was inducted into Legends of the Cage this year which was an honor to be amongst the best fighters in the world. Feels good to be remembered and to have made a mark in the great sport of MMA.

​I am continuing to travel with Team Impact and Faith Force to share the Gospel. I have missed this terribly over the last couple years so it's been great to get back on the road with the teams and break some bats, tear some phone books, break some bricks and best of all share my faith! Went to Georgia, Texas and now headed to Alabama next week.

Another Blessing has been traveling with my supplement sponsor ISS "Oh Yeah". I'm headed to the Arnold Classic the first week of March then Germanyin and London in April to big Expo's to market the amazing products this company provides!​ I have used ISS products for fifteen years and won't take anything else, not because I'm sponsored, but because I don't think there is a better supplement out there.

A New Year Begins

It's been a while since I have put in an update on my life. Maybe because my life is that crazy. Time goes so fast and life passes you by if you don't stop and look around once in a while. Life for me is great, just very busy, usually as we get older we start to slow down, I just haven't fit that mold. I currently have 6 jobs and I am in the middle of full time Paramedic school. It's been a crazy year and it's not going to slow down for some time. Graduation will be in August of 2015 so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm currently doing 250hrs of clinical shifts at several different hospitals in the Emergency Room, Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Cath Lab, Labor and Delivery and Detox. It's been a great learning experience but not many days off between a full time firefighting position at Mt. View, a part time firefighter job at Eaton, a perdiem position on the Banner Ambulance. I'm still running H20Man Realty, training 10 people a week, and speaking a few times a month in High Schools, Team Impact Ministry and a rep for ISS research.

It's always a balance with work, family and my faith. I know this is a temporary schedule and I need to finish up before I can relax and enjoy the benefits of my hard work. Last November I was blessed to have a new daughter Sophie Jo come into the world, and what a fun year it's been with her. Makes coming home from work special. Justin and Austin are both doing great and on oil rigs in Colorado making great money and only working 2 weeks out of the month. They work 2 weeks on 2 weeks off and do 12hr shifts in the elements, rain or shine but enjoy what they do and are both such hard workers. Justin got engaged this year to a beautiful girl we are excited to have join our family. Bailey graduated as a Vet Tech and is working in Greeley.

Daisy's Pure Skin business is running smooth and she's able to set her own schedule and work when she wants and I'm so glad she is able to stay home with Sophie spend this valuable time with her. She has made a goal of her own to run a marathon in 2015, she's up to 10 miles a day now and making great strides. It's not going to be an easy task but she will do it.

We are building a new house in High Point Estates in Windsor Colorado. It's been fun planning this house from start to finish. Looking to move in at the end of January! It's turning out even better than we expected. I haven't lived outside of Greeley so it's going to be a nice change! I will post some pictures of the house soon and of course a few of my little Girl Sophie!

Turn The Page

Last year was a challenging one in many ways but a year to grow and reflect on how good we have had it when times get tuff. I published my first book www.tappedoutbyjesus.com and that brought about many great speaking opportunities all around the USA. The Real Estate market is at one of the lowest points it’s been in for years so I recently switched from my own company to Keller Williams Realty as a buyers agent for Justin Morales and believe that will get my selling back on track. I decided to go back to school and get my EMT certificate. I was just accepted in the Eaton Fire Academy and start Jan 2nd. Firefighting positions are hard to come by but it will be in the hands of the Lord so I’m confident things will work out according to his plan. My personal training business has exploded at Work Out West in Greeley and my clients increase by the day. It’s satisfying for me to see other people break through barriers in life and make positive healthy choices so they can feel good about themselves. One of my clients has lost over 50lbs in the last 3 months and has been taken off of his Diabetes medication. Hard work always pays off.

My wife is finished Esthetician school and is opening a Medi-Spa in Windsor Colorado and will be offering Laser Hair removal, Mesoderm, facials, peels and fillers. You can get more information at https://www.facebook.com/pages/PURE-Skinn-Medi-Spa/

My oldest boy has landed a good job as a roughneck in Colorado making great money but working hard for it. I am very proud of his work ethic and determination to be great at everything he does. My Youngest son Austin is making a mark in High School as he
was an All Conference football player and is now unbeaten halfway through the wrestling season with all pins. He is a solid 220lbs and not an ounce of fat on him. So much potential and the sky is the limit for him. He is on a great path right now and it’s a fun
time as a Dad to see him accomplish such great things in his life.

I Do

Time seems to fly buy as Gods plan for my life continues to unfold. It amazes me how we tend to see our futures playing out in our minds. Usually it’s ganders of idealistic dreams we hope play out. I know I tend to see career paths and financial opportunities playing out in my mind and then imagine my lifestyles once they do, what and how I will deal with my life and opportunities once they do. It’s not always a bad thing to foresee and plan for success in your life but understand that you are not in control and what the Lord has planned may be entirely different than what you plan for. In 2003 I am traveling the world performing with the WWE in front of sold out venues with people chanting my name, escorts to my car after events and back entrances to avoid the wild crowds. I didn’t understand why the Lord took me out of this career path when he did, I was full of confusion and self doubt. Why would the Lord open up this door in my life if he was not intending for me to advance and prosper in it? It took me years to understand and see God’s plan unfold, and I think I am fortunate to see some of it. Many people won’t see or understand the Lords plan for their life until they are by his side in Heaven. As you know when you let Jesus have control of your life a door may close but a window is always opened. Jesus simply used the WWE and the UFC in my life to establish a platform for me to share his Gospel. He has given me the ability to draw crowds and to lend an ear to hear what I have to say. Jesus gave me a platform, not for Ron Waterman but for the only one worthy of a platform, Jesus himself. Each time I’m blessed with the opportunity to speak to crowds my prayer is that I’m not the focus, I want them to see Jesus in me!

Only a couple months left in 2010 and it’s been a wonderful year. Yes the economy is at an all time low and the Real Estate business it almost at a complete halt, yet the Lord finds a way to provide for my family. Missions to India and travel with Team Impact, School speaking opportunities, Personal Training and Instructing at my home gym (Work Out West), and Flipping homes with an investor has kept me afloat. It’s easy for us as males to worry and be nervous about our finances and I would not be telling you the truth if I said I never do, but the more I give it up to the Lord the more I’m taken care of. His plan is not my plan and I need to sit back and listen to what he wants for my life. I wish I could say that when you surrender your life you never have challenges or obstacles but that wouldn’t be true, this year has brought both some very difficult.

My life took a big turn this year as I was married August to a wonderful lady. She makes me very happy and I hope I do the same for her. I’m blessed to have Daisy in my life and know that God will bless this marriage and our future together, I’m excited to see what he has in store for us.

My boys are both at a very independent stage of there lives and I’m trying to stay as involved as possible. Justin my 21 year old is working for a Landscaping company in Greeley and currently looking for a winter job. I think he is at a difficult spot in his life as he is trying to find himself and where God wants him. I wish I had a little closer relationship with him and could spend more time letting him know God is in control. As parents we never want our children to go through what we did before we surrendered. My youngest Austin 16 now is in his sophomore year at Greeley West and doing well. His grades continue to stay strong with A’s and B’s and he has had an amazing year in sports. A varsity starter as a Sophomore on the football team at Nose guard on defense and going into his second week now in Wrestling. Looking at 215lbs this season, he will be a little light but not have to worry about cutting weight to make 189lbs. I would rather see him eat and grow! I know it’s difficult for him splitting time, one week at Mom’s one week at Dad’s, I was there as he is when I was his age so I understand his pain. I didn’t see my Dad as often and feel bad now I didn’t get to share as much time with him after the divorce. I want to be involved with every aspect of Austin’s life, probably too much for him. I’m glad I have the opportunity to help coach his Wrestling team again this year it’s fun for me and another opportunity I have to see him every day and build a closer bond with him. High School can be a really hard time these days with all the junk that’s out there. So many more opportunities and pressures to make poor choices today than when I was in School! None of the kids are exempt from this they all face this stuff each day, and unlike when I was in school it’s not just a select group of kids involved in the drug and promiscuity scene it’s the athletes, honor role kids, I can’t think of a group that is not involved. It takes a strong kid to turn away from the peer pressures of today’s youth. I hope you pray every day for your children’s ability to say no and steer clear choices that can really harm them and there futures. I know I do daily!!

On The Road Again

Time seems to fly by as our years unfold and God’s plan for our lives is played out usually not to our understanding but to his. This year has been an exciting one but also one full of challenges and unexpected circumstances. My boys continue to mature and adapt to life.

Austin is off to a great start in High School with all A’s and B’s and had a stellar football season on the freshman team. He played middle linebacker and fullback and once the game started he never left the field unless the score was out of hand and others could play. Greeley West who has been ranked #1 in the state is in postseason now and asked Austin to suit up for Varsity for the playoffs, he’s excited about that. The only downside it that he will go into his wrestling season late and have some catching up to do. Not sure what weight he will compete at this year he has been over 200lbs a couple times this year but with the long football season and crazy daily schedule he has I don’t know if he has kept that weight on. So 189 or 215 I guess we will see where the team needs him the most, I’m not a big fan of dropping much weight especially as a freshman and the way he has been growing so we will just have to see. I am so proud of his progress in the classroom and all around as a young adult this year.

Justin my oldest boy is still working and full time and learning some life lessons some easy some hard. When you jump right into the working world you figure out fast how much money it takes to pay bills, and living expenses. Spending almost everything he makes on bills his truck and gas leaves very little left over to do things that make life more enjoyable. He has heard from more than me that’s why you need a college education. Sometimes we just need to figure things out on our own and in our own time before they make sense. It’s difficult as a parent because we always want our kids to have it better than we did, so they don’t have to go through some of the struggles in life we faced. I have to remind myself that God has a plan for his life and it will play out the way it’s meant to whether I like it or not. God is in control.

I have been in a serious relationship for a long time now and am nearing a changing point in my life as well. I’m trying to listen and not act out of impulse or my own understanding to what the Lord’s plan for me is. I like many men want to make sure I’m doing the right thing. Sometimes the future can be a little scary, I guess if we just let go and let God work thing get put in the right place.

It’s been a long time sense I have been sidelined by an injury, but recently tore my other bicep, the same thing that happened to my right arm 10 years ago training. I have been training at Grudge in Denver with Shane Carwin and a great group of Fighters most of which are UFC veterans. Brandon Shaub and Justin Wren from the latest Ultimate fighter show are in our group as well as Nate Marquart and a host of other UFC names are in the room during our pro practice. So needless to say each training session is intense, you can’t help but to get better in that environment. I tore my bicep throwing a left hook sparing in practice about 4 weeks ago and didn’t want to believe it was as bad as it was. Finally going to the doctor and getting an MRI showed the bicep tendon was rolled 6 inches up my arm. Two days latter I went under the knife and it’s been repaired. So now I wait patiently to get back into the game. I had a fight lined up for October with WWE’s Bobby Lashley which would have been a great fight for me. I was in very good shape and training intensely for it. For some reason Lashley never signed his end of the contract and it was rumored to be on the Strikeforce card with Fedor and Rodgers. After a lot of publicity there was still no commitment from Lashley so it never took place. We will see what happens with it I guess it can always happen in 2010! It would be a big draw here in Colorado sense we are both Colorado natives.

I have begun travel with Team Impact once again and feel very blessed. It was a long 2 years not traveling with the team. After spending almost 6 years with the guys it was so good to get back with them again. I have never traveled with such a great group of men. The opportunity to share Christ and talk to thousands of kids in the schools each week is more satisfying than almost anything I have done. God is Good!

Real Estate Speak Easy

2009 is almost half over and it’s been an eventful year.  Although the Real Estate Market is practically at a standstill the Lord has continued to bless me.  My flip houses have been moving one after another and making me a good profit on each. I just finished my 4th house and it’s on the market now.  That with a few sales has been a life saver for me in these more difficult times.  My speaking opportunities have really picked up as well with multiple events each month around the state.  I was a keynote speaker last week at an event called “Hero’s among us,” and did five school programs last month.  I pray that the Lord will increase my boundaries with my speaking engagements as this has really been a blessing to me.  I was able to share my faith in one of the programs last month so that was really a great opportunity. 

Austin my 8th grader seems to grow every day as he is already almost 6’1 and weighs 185lbs.  The high school coaches are eager to get him on the field and wrestling mats!  He’s doing a great job in school and continues to mature. Drivers Ed classes for him next month, that’s scary. He begins life guarding classes this week so he can be a lifeguard this summer the perfect summer job for him.  Justin is working full time and figuring out where he wants to go with his life.  Hard to make decisions like that at 20 but he is learning quickly that you can’t just go with the flow in life; this world will take you down the wrong path quickly.  I believe he is learning some of life’s lessons at an early age and is ready to let the Lord direct his path.

Don’t have another fight on the books at this time but a few things in the works I’m continuing to train and stay in top condition. My weight is staying at 270lbs and I’m teaching spinning class’s at WOW the gym I have gone to for the last 15 years.  I end up subbing a good number of classes as well including the 5am boot camp class.  I really enjoy that class as it has helped me prepare for almost all of my fights in the past.  I decided to get certified in Spinning, Group training and get a Personal Training certification.  I am going to be personally training a few people this month, why not do what you enjoy?  I’m ready for summer and the nice weather and had to get my bike out last month.  Nothing like taking a ride on a hot summer day and when it’s on a Bourget all the better.

I am in a relationship and am very happy as the Lord has taken me down this road. I will continue to honor the Lord and take this on his terms and not move any faster than his will for me. One thing I have learned is that if the Lord has not blessed the relationship it will never work out. You have to be obedient to him deny your flesh and listen to his word!  The blessings will come back more than you can imagine.

You Win Some

Hard to believe half the year has passed. My oldest boy Justin has graduated from High School and is out on his own. Wow, he’s learning what it’s like in the real world having to work full time to make rent and car payments, pay for gas, groceries and life. Austin my youngest is doing well and growing fast already 170lbs with a size 14 shoe and only going into the 8th grade. It’s going to be a fun football season, I can’t wait. Life changes so fast and Gods plan always seems to be a little different that ours. I enjoy seeing the Lords plan for my life unfold. I always like to be in control and have everything planed and scheduled, but just when I think I have things figured out the Lord takes me in a different direction. I will just continue to listen and follow Christ’s lead. I have been on a couple of outreaches this summer that have been great blessings. Eternal Fighter in Hawaii flew Austin and I out for a week outreach, we did an MMA Outreach with Doug Evans then a training session. I was able to bring the word on Sunday morning for Pastor Tom at (Breath of Life Christian Fellowship) what an amazing guy. I was so blessed to take the new converts to the Ocean and Baptize them right after the Sunday service. We were treated so well, Shauna and her family in Kauai were such a blessing to my family and went all out to make sure we were taken care of. Last week I did a UFC outreach here in Greeley on Saturday night then I preached Sunday morning at two services, the first being a Spanish speaking service with a translator. God had plans for 35 to give there lives to him. Why he chose me to be used as his vessel I don’t know but am so honored.

I had two fights already this year. One being for the X1 Heavyweight title in Hawaii, which I won by submission in the second round. The second fight was for EliteXC on Showtime last month. That one I wasn’t as fortunate after catching a kick. I was disappointed in the outcome obviously but know that the Lord must have his reasons. I trained very hard for fight and was in very good Cardio shape. Shane Carwin was getting ready for his first UFC fight at the same time so it was good to train with him. Not to many big strong guys out there that can push me. We are good for each other when it comes to training. Shane has a bright future in MMA and I am eager to see him succeed and get what he has worked so hard for.

The Real Estate Market is starting to show signs of improvement but overall still very slow. I sold the first flip house I did in 4 days after being on the market so that was a great way to start. My second one is now finished and I hope to move it quickly as well. God always provides.

God Bless you...

In Search Of

Happy New Year, another year come and gone. It’s amazing to me how fast time goes by as we get older. My little guys are no longer little guys, it’s hard for me to think that Justin will be graduated and on his own this year. Ouch. I was just changing his diaper, how can that be possible, and Austin my 13yr old went shopping with me last week for new shoes, a size 14! He put on over 30lbs in the last year, WOW. He starts up his Wrestling season this week at Heath Middle School; I know will have a great year he is maturing so fast. Justin has had a great first half of his season at West. He is ranked #1 in the State at 189lbs and has dominated all of his opponents this year. He has so many opportunities in front of him. He ended up being all conference again in Football at Defensive End again this year. I remember being a senior in High School and just wanting to be done with School, but as we look back now at life thoughs were great years and life was really not very hard. Funny how you can get overwhelmed with circumstances but in retrospect things really aren’t so bad.

2007 was a growing year for me in many ways still trying to get used to my new life and really find myself. Only had one fight in August that went very well down in Dallas. I am preparing for a title fight in Hawaii this month in Hawaii for the Heavyweight belt in X1 World Combat. I’m looking forward to a great year, Real Estate is slow as it is most places right now but we have to make the best with what we have. I am purchasing houses for myself and doing much of the repair work to get them in shape to resell quickly. It’s a great time to by houses at the right price it’s just a difficult time to sell them at the price you deserve.

In addition to training for my next competition, selling and fixing up homes I will be speaking in K-12 schools this year. I’m excited to be in front of kids and share with them some of the things that helped me find success in life. It’s easy to get mixed up with the wrong crowds today and give in to the peer pressure that is out there. If I can make a difference in one student I am satisfied.

I have spent a good deal of time with the Lord seeking his direction in my life, so often we get going on our own paths and it’s easy to try and set our own path. I have to stop myself regularly and seek direction. It’s often the path less traveled that we need to take the difficult one, the one that’s not convenient for us to take. I want to be used by the Lord and live as he wants me to live, and in order for that to happen every day I wake up I have to say no to myself and yes to him. I have to pick up my Cross and carry it even when it’s heavy and inconvenient. Why is it that it’s so easy to do wrong and so hard to do the right most of the time? I’m glad I have the Lords conviction in my life and can feel his presents with me always.

God Bless you...

A Sporting Good Time

I love summer, the weather is so nice in Colorado. I enjoy working outside and being with the boys. Football camp is already over for Justin; he tore it up, and looked amazing; his senior year is going to be a fun one!!! Austin won his first Waterskiing tournament of the year and is taking right off from where he left off last summer. His Grandpa helps him at the lake often and his practicing is really paying off!

I’m looking forward to seein g all my boys’ sports this year; it will be the first year in a long time I won’t be traveling every other week. My fight with “Art of War” has changed once again to Sept. 1st. It’s been frustrating to find out the event was bumped after training hardcore for 4 weeks. My opponent is the same so far so that is a good thing. It will still be a PPV fight and the card looks strong. I have a fight with BoDog Fight also before the end of the year to fulfill my contract with them. Not sure of the date yet for that one or an opponent.

I am settled into my new house and very happy with it. The sale of my home and the purchase of this one worked out just right. It’s a neat house and neighborhood. Justin got a job working for “All Terrain” landscaping for the summer so he put my yard in for me with a crew in 5 days. It’s owned by two of my former Greeley West students and wrestlers/football players. They are great guys who are showing Justin what hard work is all about. Hope it makes him want to get that College Education and not have to work like that for a living. Wow.

It’s a little different being single now after 20 years of marriage but things are getting easier. I still have some things to work on but the Lord will see me through and has yet to ever fail me. I wish I could say the same about me. We serve a Gracious and Merciful God and that’s a good thing or we would all be in trouble.

God Bless you...

Estate Sale!

Summer is just around the corner, the boys have 2 weeks of school left before a little break. They are both ready for some time off to have a little fun. Justin will work this summer and attend a Football and Wrestling camp. Austin will continue to compete in Waterskiing tournaments, and try to defend his state title from last year!

The Real Estate business has taken off with a bang, it’s seems difficult to stay on top of things with all that is happening. That is a good thing. Houses are starting to sell!!!!! Speaking of selling mine sold in two weeks and closes at the end of the month. WOW. Good and bad, the bad means I have to find a place in 2 weeks to move into!!!! It was a blessing and everything went very well, lots of hard work paid off! The boys and I will find a place I’m sure.

I have a fight coming up on June 30th in Dallas Texas at the American Airlines Arena. It’s for a new organization called “Art of War”. It will be a good one. My opponent has changed 4 times already so I’m not sure who I will face. It really won’t matter, I will be ready and in great shape. My training is going well, doing two a days most of the week and starting to hit it hard. Always a struggle to find big bodies that are willing to roll but I continue to look. Most only show up once then can’t be found again? This fight will be a live PPV so make sure you tune in on the 30th. Be Blessed.

God Bless you...


This year has been a busy one thus far. The boys have been tearing it up on the Wrestling mat after an amazing Football season for both of them. Justin just finished his season and ended up 2nd in the state with only one loss all year at 215lbs and that was in the State finals. He had an outstanding season.

Austin is wrestling on the Varsity Wrestling team as a 6th grader and has been winning most of his matches and impressing me so much with his dedication and work ethic at 12 years of age. He finished up his season with a 3rd place regional place. Most of his opponents were 8th graders so he had a great season. Austin also does a great job in School and is very discipline and dedicated in the classroom.

I am proud of both the boys as they continue to amaze me. They grow up so fast! I am going to list my house this week, it’s been a challenge as I have put a lot of time and effort into this house getting it remodeled and ready to list. All the hard work should pay off when it sells!

I started my Real Estate Career in December and am starting to see the rewards of that hard work also. Sold my first house a couple weeks ago and have about 8 more listed and ready to go. You can take a look at the houses I have listed at www.h20manteam.com

Keller Williams has been a great company to launch my Career in. They are very helpful and offer top of the line training and support. The Lord is always faithful and at times when I feel all alone it’s such a comfort to know I’m not.

It’s been a year of changes and adjustments for me and it will take some time to get back to where I need to be, but as I tell people every week, God Has plan for my life and I just need to let him unfold it for me.

God Bless you...

Separate Ways

This year has been a rough one with unexpected changes around every corner. Some have been very positive and some not. I received my Real Estate License after studying harder than I ever have for a test. I joined the Keller Williams Team in Greeley and am excited to get rolling with that venture in my life. I have lived in Greeley my entire life and have many contacts so hopefully it will be a successful venture for me. I am teaming up with my stepfather who is a Real
Estate veteran with years of experience. We will form the H20man Team at Keller Williams of Northern Colorado.

In July I had a difficult WFA fight with Ricco Rodriguez when I was caught in the left eye with a solid hit. My eye closed up cutting off my vision. The ref stopped the fight after 5 min and I took a loss. It was frustrating to me after dominating him one year ago when I won the fight by Unanimous decision. I had way to many things on my mind that night including some major issues at home. I didn’t come out the same competitor I always do and paid the price for it.

I will start a new journey in my life with my 2 boys after 20 years of marriage. It’s never an easy thing to go through and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. My boys are what matters most to me and the Lord is going to see the three of us through this difficult time. It’s the children that get hit the hardest in these situations. I know it was very hard for me when I was 12. The Lord has a wonderful plan for my boys and I and it’s times like this that we need to stop and just listen to Gods voice. I see many in times as this blame the Lord and pull away. My relationship with Christ will grow and strengthen. It’s in the difficult times when we don’t seem to have the strength to go on to take another step that the Lord will carry us. I’m still traveling with Team Impact; they are such a blessing to my life. I’m also coaching Austin my 12 year old’s Football team which is undefeated this year. He is a quarterback this season and scored two touchdowns in his first game. He is a dominating linebacker and is in on almost every play. Justin is playing Defensive End and Fullback and starting on the Greeley West team who is also undefeated and ranked 3rd in the State in 4A. He is going to have a great season leading the Defense at 3 QB sacks a game, as they are 6-0. I am very blessed to have two beautiful boys who both love the Lord.

God Bless you...

I Think I'm Turning Japanese

It's been an exciting year with a few changes. The New Japan Pro Wrestling has been a lot of fun. I have had 4 tours with them this year and did most of their big shows. The last one in the Tokyo Dome wrestling Muta was a crazy match in front of about 40 thousand people. They are all great guys to work with and the wrestling there is much different than what I did in WWE. It's been a lot of fun. But with the commitment to Pro Wrestling I had to take some time off from fighting. I did have one of the biggest fights of my career in August as I took on former UFC Champion Ricco Rodriguez in a tough fought 3 round match. I won a unanimous decision over him and took home the WEC Super heavyweight belt.

All that aside I have further taken the next step in my ministry with Team Impact as I now am leading out teams on my own. I was able to take Justin my oldest son to Australia with me this summer and do a 2 week mission trip with him and the team. It was a great opportunity for us to spend some time together and to spend it honoring Christ as we spoke to Thousands of children in Australia Schools and Churches. It was a blessing. I have kept a very busy schedule and it's hard to be gone from my family as much as I am. God honors that time I do get to spend with them. When I am home, I am home and spend every minute I can with them. They are both having great football seasons and looking forward to Wrestling as it's right around the corner. Jody and I continue on our journey as we celebrated 18 years of marriage this year, It just doesn't seem possible, Wow. She has been a blessing in my life. It takes a special woman to put up with my schedule and not have me around like most husbands. She has so many responsibilities with the boys schedule as well as running a successful business of her own. It comforts her to know the men I travel with and the integrity of Team Impact. She has gone on many crusades with me and see's the guys I get to spend my time with. That is so important to know your spouse is in good hands when they are away, In my case it's God's hand. He has blessed me so much with this ministry I really don't understand how he could use a person such as me to further his kingdom but I am so honored to do so. Every week I feel such a rush as people give there lives to Christ, and to feel like I was used in a small way to help that happen humbles me.

This position with Team Impact has put life into perspective for me and really opened my eyes to what's important in Life. It's not the big house or fancy car, fame or glory but having Jesus as my best friend, and to serve him daily.

God Bless you...

Full Timer

Sorry it's been a while since I last updated this journal. Time just goes by too fast. 04 has been a great year for me and my family. I was moved to full time with Team Impact Ministries and continue to compete in Pride and Pancrase in Tokyo. I suffered my second loss in my career to Mirco Cro-Cop in Pride early this year but came back with a big win over Kevin Randleman in a hard fought battle. As many of you saw Kevin knock out Mirco in the previous Grand Pre show. I have continued to win in Pancrase and will fight for the KOP next week against "TK" a tough UFC veteran. The boys are both coming off great football seasons and gearing up for Wrestling. Austin my 10yr. old was second in the state last year, and Justin who has lost only once in the last 2 years will be in High School wrestling as a Freshman. God has really blessed us this year and we are so grateful. Team Impact is going great, I look forward to traveling with them they are such Godly men and great friends.

God Bless you...

Sudden Impact

It has been a busy couple months with Team Impact as the School year is winding down. I was in Prestonwood, TX then Virginia last week. It has been such a great experience and truly were I believe the Lord wants me. I can use the tools he has blessed me with and use them to glorify his name. It's indescribable to see families walk forward in tears as they give there lives to Christ. The members of Team Impact are Godly men who truly walk the talk 24-7. To travel with guys who never say a negative word about anyone, and glorify Christ in all they do is so different than any other organization I have ever been with. We praise each others efforts and build each other up instead of dwelling on mistakes and calling down one another. God has been so good to me and often I wonder why. I had the opportunity to run two School assemblies last week, it was great to stand before an entire student body and let them know the importance of Education, Goals, making good Choices, and staying clear of Drugs and Alcohol. This ministry is so powerful. So many will come out to watch the huge men onstage perform feat's of strength, and leave with the Lord in there hearts.

God Bless you...


Well first off I would like to apologize for not responding to many of your emails. I always make a strong effort to answer every email I receive, especially my loyal fans. As some of you may have read yesterday, I was released by WWE after two years of employment. I'm somewhat at a loss for words, it's a hard one for me to swallow, knowing the sacrifices and effort I put forth. I do know I will be back with WWE in the near future, as I have not given up on this venture. I am a fighter and will continue to do whatever it takes to make this become a reality. I am currently looking into New Japan and feel I have a strong shot at becoming successful there. As you know Japan is more shoot oriented and that may be a better fit for me. I have also been offered a few MMA/NHB fights I may pursue as well. I am currently in the best shape of my life and feel I have something to offer you, my fans. Sometimes you just have to let the Lord take over and lead you where he feels you will be of most benefit. It's times like this you need to "Let go and let God". I will continue to keep my web page posted with what's happening in my career. I hope to back in the ring soon, wherever it may be. Your email and support over the last two years have kept me going when times were tough, I want to thank you all for that. Keep me fresh in your thoughts because you haven't seen or heard the last of Ron Waterman!!!

God Bless you...

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Well first off awaiting my shot for those of you who are wondering were I am and what I'm doing. I only did 7 shows last month with WWE so I have had some wonderful time to spend with my family. The boys are home for the summer so we have had lot's of fun just hanging out. I'm staying in great shape with all the time I have to spend in the gym, and it's a little easier to eat healthy at home rather than on the road. Not sure what the future holds for me sometimes but all I can do put it in the lords hands and let him lead the way.

God Bless you...

Plenty Of Bull

I worked Bull Buchanan all 4 days of this tour. He is a great guy and fun to work with. Bull is also awaiting his chance to get back on the big screen, after the right to censor ended almost a year ago. He has lost 25lbs and is also in top condition. I got some good feedback on my matches this week; it's good to get any. We all over analyze ourselves and end up beating ourselves up mentally so it's good to hear others praise our efforts and give constructive advise. I am the worst at this one…. I'm not sure when I'm traveling next I hope it's soon. I will update my schedule as soon as I hear something.

God Bless you...

Three States In Four Days

It feels good to be back on the road again. It's been two weeks sense I have traveled with WWE. I start of the four day spree in Lexington KY, head to Knotsville TN on Saturday, followed by Columbus GA, and finally end up in Atlanta for Raw on Monday. I am anxious to have some great matches this weekend. I have been watching many tapes in my time at home, and I think it really helps. We are all our own worst critics. I feel great physically and think I am as large and lean as I have ever been. One good thing about not being on the road every week is you can really train hard and eat right!!! Jody and I have been on a strict diet and I can really see results in her. When you can actually see a difference in yourself it makes all the hard work and disciple worth it. It's not easy watching our two boys eat a big pizza dripping with cheese as we chew on a couple dry chicken breasts and rice. In this business you just can't afford to look anything but your best. That's one aspect of this crazy carrier I feel I have a grasp on, there's no excuse not to. I anxiously await my chance. First impressions mean everything and I know they want to bring me out the right way, and not just throw me into the mix. I will be at my best when that opportunity arises!

God Bless you...

Wrapping It Up In HWA

It's almost time to hit the road agian, I will be traveling with WWE on the 17th to Louisville, Raleigh, Memphis, and Nashville. It will be nice to get back on the road again. Jody and I will drive back to Colorado after my
four day trip, it's a long 23hr drive but much easier with Jody and knowing I will be traveling consistantly now. It's been a life saver having Jody with me the last month, a year and a half away is tough on a marriage. It will be great to see the boys again we sure miss them, they only have a couple weeks of school left. I have learned a good deal here in HWA from Less Thatcher and a talented group of wrestlers, it's always nice to work new people with fresh ideas. I am very impressed with many down here, WWE does indeed have a bright future ahead with the new talent that patiently awaits their shot at stardome...

God Bless you...

H20 In Cincinnati

It's exciting to see all the new faces popping up on Raw and Smackdown. Many wrestlers were anxious to get back in the ring after a few months of down time I'm very happy for Brock and Rico who are doing a great job with there opportunities and are both running with them in my eyes. I'm sure Randy will be one of the next to get his shot, he has worked hard for it also. I'm currently in HWA for a few weeks training and staying sharp. There are quite a few of us they have told to be ready to go. It's good to train with new people and get new perspectives on this challenging business. Chris Benoit is here as he gets closer to his return. Chris looks like a million bucks, and what a great guy, I believe he is about 4-6 weeks away. I had the opportunity to work the Denver show a few weeks ago with Justin Credible. It was great to work in front of my home crowd, something I have never done before. I was amazed at the reaction I received after I was introduced. Probably the biggest intro pop I've received. We had a great time, my wife and boys all got to meet the wrestlers I spend a lot of time with. Most kids would go crazy at the chance to shake hands with Stone Cold, The Undertaker, RVD, Kane and the rest of the Raw crew and get their picture taken with them, but my kids were excited but more reserved, afterall its just a day at dad's work - ha ha! It was fun to introduce my family everyone for the first time. My Brother, Sister, In-laws and a few friends also made it down to the show. In HWA I'm getting in valuable ring time and working 3 to 4 shows a week with some of there top talent. It's great to see the same hunger I have to succeed in the eyes of many up and comers in HWA.

God Bless you...

New Mex, Tex and Ark

I have had a good time working against Hurricane and Crash. I was supposed to tag with Haku but it was changed and I am now with Lance Storm. Lance is very fun to work with and puts together a very good match. Tonight in El Paso was a great show. Last night was sold out in NM with 18 thousand in attendance at "The Pit" and today it was about 11 thousand. The crowds were pretty good both nights. Stephanie talked with me about my match and gave me a few pointers on working the crowd. I tried them today and they seemed to make a big difference. Kane offered to drive today so Rico and I tagged along with him. It's good to spend time with the guys who have been around for a while. Kane is a good guy and real easy going. We were talking in the locker room with some of the old timers in the business and talking about how the business has changed over the years, used to be that all the boys partied in every town, and lived a pretty wild lifestyle if you know what I mean, now all the boys are into fitness, eating healthy, and training 24-7. One said it has gone from lap dances to laptops. I had to laugh at that one sense I always have my laptop with me. We took a charter plane from Albuquerque to El Paso, wow that was sweet. I have never flown on a charter before so it was wild to see how nice it was. All the seats were first class and reclined, lots of room and a table out in the middle full of food for us. I could get used to that!

Raw in Jonesboro was a fun night with all the HHH - Stephanie happenings. I think everyone saw that coming. I had one of the best tag matches I have ever had. Brock and I once again face Orton and Costantino, and had a solid match. The crowd was as much in to our match I felt as it was for many of the main card matches. They were with us the whole match and really disliked Brock and I. I'm working on my facial expressions more and really trying to show more emotion. I thought last night was very good. Shelton and Leviathan from OVW were flown in to do darks tonight and worked each other; it was good to see them again. They also had a good match and looked impressive. They will be doing darks tonight along with Victoria, so there will be a lot of people to work into tonight's dark matches???

Wow what a great week of matches!!! I worked with Brock and Perry Saturn and faced Rico, Crash Holly, and Shelton Benjamin. It seemed as if it was going to be a little crazy but things worked out great. I haven't done many 6-man tags before but it was actually real easy and turned out to be a great match. Perry put most of it together and did a very good job with it. I got the roll up victory over Shelton as he came off the top rope with a big cross body. The crowd I felt was really into our match, it was one of the smaller venues we have been in but very into the show… I hope next week goes as well!

God Bless you...

The H20Man Cometh

The first two house shows this weekend were a lot of fun. Spike is one of the easiest workers there are. He is so over as a baby face anyone who steps out is an automatic heal. So needless to say I got good heat both nights. We were the first match out both nights so the crowd was ready and easy. I cleaned up my Saturday performance today in Charlottesville it was one of the best matches I feel I have had as a heal. The agents were impressed with the improvements made on some minor mistakes made the night before. We have an hour trip to Richmond were we will work RAW tomorrow night. I'm coming out with a little different look now, a dark shaved down beard leading up to my blond goatee. I'll probably start getting Hogan chants now instead of Steiner but oh well. Hopefully soon I will be known as "H20Man".

Raw was another sold out show in Richmond. It was a hot crowd tonight. Not to bad for the dark matches ether. I worked Randy Orton tonight for the third time in the last two months and it went a little better. They are starting to pave the way for a split to happen with the NW0 coming in. It will be in interesting month on TV with everyone on the edge of his or her sets wondering what's going to happen including me… The Chuck and Billy locker room scene had me rolling tonight, they play their part so well.

I had one of the most fun matches I have had Last night when Brock and I tagged together to take on Orton and Costantino. It was a great match with Brock and I as heals the crowd really got on us. Probably the best heat I have had without going against a big name. I am very pleased with this trip. I felt my wrestling went up a notch. I am the only one of the developmental talents to be on the Canada trip next week. It will be a little different traveling alone, but a good chance to get to know some of the guys better…

Well to finish off a four-day trip with the WWF I returned to OVW for one last show. It was great to see everyone again. I have to admit it was a strange feeling going back after spending so much time there. Things really haven't changed much in OVW. The work down there is very good, and there are so many that could be in my shoes, I feel very fortunate and hope that they also get a chance to prove themselves up at this level, many are very deserving of that shot. I had a match with the Prototype that went very well. He is a very good worker and can do anything. I can't wait to hear him on the mic up top the boys in the back will enjoy his work!!!!

God Bless you...