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Name: Ron "H20MAN" Waterman
Height: 6'3
Weight: 270
Discipline: FireFighter, Realtor, Team Impact Minister, NHB Fighter, Personal Trainer & Instructor

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The Lord has blessed me with many different abilities and opportunities. My success didn’t come without sacrifice and hard times, and my family has sacrificed greatly. I owe my accomplishments first to the Lord then to my family. Daisy, Justin, Austin and Sophie Jo. And an amazingly supportive Mother and Father.

I started out my career graduating from the University of Northern Colorado and becoming an Art Teacher, Football and Wrestling Coach at Greeley West High School. I went back to school and received a Masters Degree in Sports Administration and continued to teach for 9 years. I started to compete in MMA my last few years of teaching and moved up the ranks very fast. I fought in UFC 20 after only 3 professional fights; I proceeded to fight in UFC 21, 22, and UFC Japan before being offered a contract with the WWF/WWE.

I moved to Kentucky to train for a year before being called up to the traveling roster. I traveled with WWE for one year before returning to MMA, and beginning a 14 year position traveling the world with Team Impact ministry. The following 4 years I competed in Pride, Pancrase, and became the Super Heavyweight Champion of WEC twice (World Extreme Cage fighting). I did 5 tours with New Japan Pro Wrestling. I won the X1 Heavyweight title in Hawaii, and the Knuckles Inc. Heavyweight title in Colorado. My true passion now is not in the Cage or Squared Circle yet still in front of large crowds, not to compete, but to tell the world about Jesus Christ. What he did in my life and what he can do in yours.

Traveling with Team Impact and Faith Force for 14 years is a blessing to my life as I have witnessed to Hundreds of thousands who have walked forward and accepted Jesus into their hearts. I am enjoying doing Outreaches on my own now with my family and reaching the lost in this challenging world.

I was hired by Mtn. View Fire and Rescue as a Career firefighter and became a Paramedic after a year of grueling hard work going to school and working full time. I am working on the Ambulance in Greeley as a Paramedic on my off days from Mt View Fire.

I also continue to sell Real Estate in Northern Colorado with my own H20MAN Realty agency and am a Personal Trainer and Instructor for Work out West in Greeley CO.

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To continue to do Gods work and live for him each day! My Mission Statement: I want to continue to live each day to the fullest and remember the golden rule of always treating others the way I would like to be treated.

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• 10 years as a Colorado Realtor  (H20MAN Realty)
• 14 years as a motivational speaker
• 14 years with Team Impact Ministries
• 2 years with WWE
• 14 years MMA Fighter/ Black Belt in Ju-Jitsu
• 9 years Head Wrestling Coach at Greeley West High School
• 26 years of Amateur Wrestling

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Accomplishments (Personal)

• Accepting Christ as my Personal Lord and Savior
• Wife Daisy, 2 boys Justin, Austin and my girl Sophie Jo.
• Masters in Athletic Administration
• Paramedic Certification
• 9 years as a High School Art teacher and Wrestling Coach

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Accomplishments (Fighting)

• Mixed Martial Arts Record
• Professional record breakdown
• 21 matches 16 wins 6 losses
• By knockout 6 4
• By submission 8 1
• By decision 2 1
• Draws 2

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Win Mark Smith
Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke) BTBB - Born to be Bad 11/29/2008 2 2:16

Loss Dave Herman
TKO, Round 1, 2:19, 2008-06-14
EliteXC – The Return of the King

Win Analu Brash
Submission (Keylock), Round 2, 2:10, 2008-01-26

Win Mario Rinaldi
TKO 1, 4:39 2007-09-01
Art of War III: USA vs. Brazil

Loss Roger Gracie
Submission (armbar) 1, 3:38 2006-12-02
bodogFight: USA vs. Russia

Loss Ricco Rodriguez
TKO (doctor stoppage) 1, 5:00 2006-07-22
WFA 4: King of the Streets

Win Ricco Rodriguez
Decision (unanimous) 3, 5:00 2005-08-18
WEC 16: Clash of the Titans 2

Loss Tsuyoshi Kosaka
Decision (unanimous) 3, 5:00 2004-11-07
Pancrase: Brave 10

Win Kevin Randleman
Submission (keylock) 1, 7:44 2004-08-15
PRIDE Final Conflict 2004

Win Keigo Takamori
Submission (keylock) 1, 1:36 2004-05-28
Pancrase: Brave 5

Loss Mirko Filipovic
TKO (strikes) 1, 1:37 2004-02-01
PRIDE 27: Inferno

Draw Jimmy Ambriz
Draw 3, 5:00 2003-11-30
Pancrase: Hybrid 10

Win Jun Ishii
Submission (neck crank) 1, 1:02 2003-10-31
Pancrase: Hybrid 9

Win Jerry Vrbanovic
Submission (shoulder lock) 3 2003-09-06
IFC: Global Domination

Win James Nevarez
TKO (strikes) 3, 2:31 2003-08-09
WEC 7: This Time It's Personal

Win Valentijn Overeem
Submission (keylock) 1, 2:18 2000-12-23
PRIDE 24: Cold Fury 3

Win Kengo Watanabe
Submission (keylock) 1, 2:33 2000-09-29
Pancrase: 2002 Anniversary Show

Win Satoshi Honma
Decision (unanimous) 3, 5:00 2000-04-14
UFC 25: Ultimate Japan 3

Draw Tim Lajcik
Draw 3, 5:00 1999-09-24
UFC 22: Only One Can Be Champion

Loss Andre Roberts
KO 1, 2:51 1999-07-16
UFC 21: Return of the Champions

Win Chris Condo
TKO (strikes) 1, 0:28 1999-05-07
UFC 20: Battle for the Gold

Win Matt Asher
TKO 1 1999-02-06
Bas Rutten Invitational 1

Win Joshua Jenkins
TKO 1 1999-02-06
Bas Rutten Invitational 1

Win Daniel James
TKO 1 1999-02-06
Bas Rutten Invitational

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This is a four day split routine with a day off after every two days of training. I do Cardio every day and extra on days off. I vary my cardio training between stationary bike, treadmill, cross trainers, stairmaster, or running...

I also change up the exercises up in my program, I try to keep my body guessing and always force the last two reps of every set.. Always have a spot to help you get the last two reps in... Don't get caught up on numbers, just listen to your body.

I'll continue to update giving examples of my routines and training tips.

- Military Press 4x10
- Upright Rows 4x10
- Front Extensions 3x10 superset with Lateral Raises 3x10
- Shrugs 4x20
- 30 min. of Cardio following workout

Back & Biceps
- Front Lat Pull downs 4x10
- Seated Rows 4x10
- Single Arm Rows 4x10
- Straight Arm Pull Downs 4x12
- Single Arm Hammer Curls 3x10
- Preacher Curls 4x10
- Straight Bar Curls 3x10
- Top Cable Curls 4x10
- 30 min. of Cardio following workout

Cardio Day
- One Hour of Cardio Low end of Target heart rate, maintained for one hour.

- Leg Sled 5x10
- Front Squats 3x10
- Lunges 3x10
- Leg Extensions 4x10 w/singles following each set x2 on each set
- Leg Curls 4x10 w/singles following each set x2 on each set
- 3way Calf Raises 4x12 30 min. of Cardio following workout

Chest & Triceps
- Flat Bench 5x10
- Incline Bench 3x10
- Flat Fly's 4x12
- Cable Fly's 4x10 or Pec Deck 4x10
- Skull Crushers 4x12
- Cable Pull Downs 3x12 superset with Cable Overhead Extensions 3x12
- Tricep Dips on benches 4 to failure
- Tricep Dips on dip bar 4 to failure
- 30 min. of Cardio following workout

- One Hour of Cardio Low end of Target heart rate, maintained for one hour.

Do Mondays workout and continue the schedule accordingly

(You know it!)

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Advanced Workout

This routine is for the advanced lifter, it’s geared to completely tear down the muscle group being targeted, leaving it 6 days to recover before tearing down again.

This program focuses on One Muscle Group per day with the exception of Arms. It may be broken down into two workouts during the day depending on the amount of time you have to spend in the gym.

One thing to remember when going through one of my workouts you should never perform the same workout twice in a row, change things up, different exercises to target the same muscle group, keep your muscles guessing. Example instead of doing a flat bench press with the barbell like 98% of all guys do every week, do flat heavy dumbbell presses. Instead of doing Military Presses on the Smith machine do Arnold Presses with Dumbbells. Always change things up.

Cardio is up to you, I always like to do Cardio first to make sure I am loose and have a good sweat going before I pick up a weight. I have not had any serious lifting injuries in the 25+ years of heavy weight training, and I credit that to proper warm up. I do cardio 3 days a week when I am in a bulk up phase, I like to stay somewhat lean even when I am trying to put on mass. I just don’t like looking sloppy. Cardio also makes it easier for me to eat what I want, when I want it. I don’t like to be deprived of food, although I eat very clean for the most part.

This is an intense routine if you do it correctly and don’t take long breaks between sets. An hour and a half is more than enough time to get through this with 2 or 3 people. When I train with 3 or more people I use supersets and trisets for just about everything except legs and chest. Change the exercises up often and try to consistently add more weight to your big lifts. Always have a workout partner to help push you through tough sets and use them for forced reps.

Training Examples:
Monday: Chest - 1 hr of cardio prior
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: Shoulders – 1 hr of cardio prior
Thursday: Arms
Friday: Back – 1 hr of cardio prior
Saturday – Off
Sunday – Off

This is one of the muscle groups I seldom superset.

  • Flat bench 12-15 rep warm up, 8-12 rep, 6-8 rep, 4-6 rep, 2-4 rep, 15-30 rep burn out. Dumbbells or Barbell

  • Incline Press 12 rep warm up, 8 rep, 6 rep, 4 rep. Dumbbells or Barbell

  • Flat or Incline Fly 12-15 rep x 4 sets - Dumbbells or Cable

  • Pec Deck 12-15 rep x 4 sets

  • Dips 3 sets of burn outs

I don’t superset often

  • Front Squat 12 –15 rep, 10 rep, 8 rep, 8 rep - Smith Machine or Squat rack

  • Sled 12-15 rep, 10 rep, 10 rep, 8 rep, 8 reps and peal down for 3 sets

  • Lunges 10 –12 rep x 4 - Walk the track with dumbbells, or Bulgarian lunges on a bench

  • Leg Extension 12 rep drop the pin 2, 12 reps drop the pin 2, 12 reps x 4 sets. “Ouch”

  • Leg Curls 12 rep drop the pin 2, 12 reps; drop the pin 2, 12 reps (4 sets). “Ouch again”

  • 3 way Seated Calf Raises – 4 sets of 75, you can stop 3 times for no more than 10 seconds rest then continue until 75 are done. Slow, controlled movements, no bouncing!

Shoulders & Traps
I superset after the first heavy press exercise.

  • Smith Military Press 12-15 rep, 10 rep, 10 rep, 8 rep (bar comes down in front of chin) Arnold Presses every other week, same rep set.

  • Upright rows 12 reps drop the weight by 10lbs, 12 reps drop 10 again, 12 reps x 4 Sets. I alternate cables and Barbells every other week.

  • Side laterals 4 sets of 12 reps. (slow, controlled and bring weights behind your Glut’s not to your hips.)

  • Plate raises (Arms straight out, look through the hole and down.) 12 reps, 4 sets

  • Plate Circles (Plate rotates around your head, head does not move.) 12 reps one way Then 12 the other X (4 sets)

  • Plate Shrugs (2 fingers in the hole) 100 reps, you can stop but do not set the plates down. 3 sets of this will burn! Alternate this with Barbell, Dumbbells, Straight bar or Shrug bar, every other week.

All supersets or Trisets

  • Standing EZ bar or Dumbbell Curls - Warm up and 3 heavy sets of 10-12 reps.

  • Seated Preacher Curls – 12 full curls followed by 12 halfway down and up X 3 sets.

  • Cable Curls w/rope - Bottom hook up, pull it up as a hammer curl, step back and don’t rock. 3 sets of 12

  • Top Cable Curls – Single handles on top. Stand in the middle and pull the handles to the back of your ears keeping your elbows up and out to the side. 3 sets of 12.

  • Concentration Curls – sitting with elbow inside your knee. I do 3 sets non-stop to failure on each set until I have done 3 on each arm.

All supersets or Trisets

  • Flat Dumbbell Scull crusher – Lay on the bench sideways with your neck and shoulders on the bench. Take the dumbbell above your forehead with your elbows straight up and not moving. Take the weight all the way up to lockout then back down past your forehead. Do 12 reps then take the dumbbell off your chest and do a burn out. Similar to a close grip bench but with the dumbbell. (4 sets)

  • Cable push downs – Alternate using a V bar, Straight bar, and Rope on different Triceps workouts. Your arms should come up past parallel then down to lockout. Keep your nose on the cable and use only Triceps no shoulders. (4 sets of 12)

  • Overhead Cable Extension – I like the rope for this, I use the same weight as the Cable pushdown and usually superset this with pushdowns. Take the rope overhead and turn away from the cable. Lean forward bracing your gluts on the machine, take the cable over your head to lockout keeping your elbows high (above your ears).(4 sets of 12)

  • Dips – Elbow wide. Make it a triceps exersize more than chest.

  • Kickbacks – Lean over and brace yourself with one hand, keeping your elbow tight and in line with your shoulder as you take the weight back and lockout your arm. Don’t swing the dumbbell and keep the weight light enough that you can do 10 reps. (3 sets)


  • Lat Pull Downs – I very the grip on the bar, I usually go as wide as possible. I Always go to the front and down to my chest, never behind by neck. (4 sets of 8-12)

  • Hammer Strength Pull down – (4 sets or 8-12 reps) Peal off on the last set to failure.

  • Seated Row – Do this as a superset with Hammer pulls. (4 sets of 8-12 reps)

  • Bent over Single Arm Rows – alternate non-stop until 3 sets on each arm.

  • Straight-armed Rope pull downs – don’t bend your arm; keep it on an ark so it’s all lat’s. (4 sets of 12 reps)

  • Rack Pulls can also be rotated into this workout. Go very heavy on this and keep your back straight. You should bend down only past your knees then begin your pull back up until your hips come forward. I try to shrug my shoulders up and back attempting to squeeze my back together.

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This is a sample of the diet I follow foods can be supplemented with others of the same group.

5:00am – AM pre workout Supplements

5:00am – 7:00am - Train

7:00am – Lg. Bowl of Oatmeal (Carbohydrate). Egg whites, Low fat penut butter on wheat bread. Juice. Post workout supplements. Protein!!

10:00am – Protein Intake, Shake or small Protein meal.

12:30pm – High Protein lunch, Some good carbs (rice, potato, veggies)

3:00pm – Protein intake, Pro 42 bar or whey protein drink, 8 or 12 egg whites or a chicken breast you have prepared.

6:00pm – Meal. Concentrate on Proteins. Should be a low carbohydrate meal. Low fat meats.

9:00pm – Protein intake, 6 or 8 egg whites or a chicken breast.

I try to get protein into my system every two - three hours during the day. I also follow a strict supplement program that is taken during the day with along with my meals. The supplements I use and when they are taken can be found with my workout. It is important to take in carbohydrates in the morning and afternoon with small amounts of carbohydrates at night. Night time is when extra carbohydrates can be converted to fat. Protein intake will depend on your body weight and workload but a few extra grams of protein will not hurt you, to few and your body will feed on muscle tissue as well as fat for fuel. I have found that extra protein through out the day greatly helps my growth rate and builds lean muscle. I try to get my protein in chicken, tuna, lean meat, egg whites, and protein. ISS Shake n go ProM3 Protein drinks are always on hand when meals are not Available. This is a great source of protein with few carbs and tastes great.

Good Proteins

  • ISS Blended Protein
  • ISS Micellar Matrix
  • Chicken Breasts
  • Lean Red meats
  • Egg Whites
  • Tuna Fish

Good Carbohydrates

  • Rice
  • Potatoes
  • Some fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Oatmeal
  • ISS Carb Force Drinks
  • Whole grain cerial

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5am – V/M Complete Multi– (Before Workout)
5am – HGH Amino Plus AM – (Before Workout)
5am – Lipovar – (Before Workout)
5am – L-Glutamine – (Before Workout)
5-7am – Satur8 – (During Workout)
7am – Shake n Go Pro M3 – (After Workout)
7am – Therajoint – (After Workout)
7am – L-Glutamine – (After Workout)
7am – Creatine – (After Workout)
10am – Shake n Go Pro M3 Protein
12pm – Lipovar
12pm – L-Glutamine – (With Meal)
12pm – Therajoint – (With Meal)
3pm – Shake n Go Pro M3
6pm – L-Glutamine – (With Meal)
9pm – Micellar Matrix Protein
10pm – HGH Amino Plus PM – (Before Bed)
10pm – ZMA – (Before Bed)

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