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Ron "H20Man" Waterman

Top ranked UFC veteran and former WWE entertainer, Ron Waterman has been successfully motivating audiences of all ages for over 13 years with his unique brand of "strength entertainment" and his simple but powerful message, "Positive behavior through choice and purpose."

As a motivational speaker and mentor Ron wields awesome physical strength and no non-sense communication skills to capture and maintain the attention of spectators all the while delivering clear messages that are relevant and thought provoking.

In partnering with you, Ron will shoot straight for the heart of your community and inspire them to make the right life choices for a successful future by implementing a variety of communication strategies to keep onlookers fully immersed. He has amassed an encouragement arsenal to equip people of all ages and backgrounds with hope and purpose as they navigate through life’s more difficult challenges.

The H20Man fearlessly takes to the stage to tackle such hot-button topics as Peer Pressure, Bullying and Abstinence, in an effort to promote positive change and a brighter future.

Prior to captivating crowds with his presence and prowess Mr. Waterman worked as a High School teacher and coach accumulating a decade of experience in large scale school assemblies and public speaking. Now Ron unleashes his larger than life appearance, and personality, as powerful tools to get the crowd’s attention and deliver life changing messages in a uniquely entertaining and over-the-top way.

Whether it’s your school, church, organization, fundraiser, corporate event or tradeshow, Ron will work closely with you to carefully customize the content and delivery of each performance so that it’s appropriate for the venue, function and audience.

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Children's Topics

  • Being a Dream Maker not a Dream Taker
  • Setting big goals for your life, Bullying
  • Respect
  • Being positive
  • Importance of Homework
  • Friendships
  • Peer Pressure

Young Adult / Adult Topics

  • Suicide & Violence
  • Anti-Drug & Alcohol
  • Academic Excellence
  • Abstinence
  • Peer Pressure
  • Moral Dilemmas
  • Respect for Authority


“His feats of strength and message were awesome. Our students have never been so focused and attentive as they were throughout the presentation.”
– Robert Hall, Principal, Sterling Middle School

“Ron Waterman was inspiring by his strength, but more importantly through his words of wisdom. He captured the attention of students and staff like I have never witnessed before.”
– Mark T. Fleming, Principal, Oster-Oakview Intermediate School

“Our students talked about his performance long after he was gone. He clearly made a big impression.”
– Harry Waterman, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director, Greeley West High School

“I don’t remember our gym ever being as loud as it was on Friday as our students emphatically cheered him on!”
– Chris Fiedler, Ed.D., Overland Trail Middle School

“I'm positive they will be able to relate what they learned today to their personal lives and remember this for a long time.”
Ms. Grant, 6th Grade Math, Overland Trail Middle School

“Mr. Waterman's message to the students was clear, fun, appropriate and absolutely coincided with what we teach daily.”
– Ms. Gill, 6th Grade Science, Overland Trail Middle School

“Usually there are students that have to be removed from assemblies because of disruptive behavior. Mr. W. had all the kids' attention for the whole time, the teachers too!”
– Ms. Humphrey, 6th Grade Resource Teacher, Overland Trail Middle School

I knew that your speaker really hit home!!! What an awesome inspiration he was!!”
– Ms. Moore, 3rd Grade, Overland Trail Middle School

“Mr. Waterman had an action packed presentation that involved the students and made a point that could have a lasting influence on their choices!”
– Ms. Whitlock, 6th Grade Reading, Overland Trail Middle School

“The kids received a very important and great message and probably didn't realize it because they were having so much fun!”
– Ms. Miller, 5th Grade Science, Overland Trail Middle School

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